Broccoli Salad

Classic summer salad. I've seen some versions with raisins and sunflower seeds, but I prefer this salad which is very simple but delicious.

Serves 4


1 head of broccoli

4 slices of bacon

1/2 cup of minced red onion

1/2 cup of real mayo

1 tbsp white sugar

1 1/2 tbsp of white vinegar

salt and pepper


Step 1: In a frying pan, cook the bacon, drain on paper towel. Chop bacon into small pieces. Set aside.

Step 2: Cut the broccoli into florets, discarding the stems. Place the broccoli in a large bowl, along with the red onion and bacon.

Step 3: In a bowl, mix together the mayo, sugar and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. Pour sauce over the broccoli mixture. Combine and set in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving.