Strawberry Lemonade Punch

This is a really great punch for a potluck, Bridal or Baby shower.


1 bag of frozen strawberries, roughly 600 grams

1/2 cup of white sugar

1 can of frozen pink lemonade, 12 fl oz/355 mL

1 can of frozen orange juice, 12 fl oz/355mL

2 litres of gingerale

2 litres of Sprite or 7-up.

Step 1: In a blender, blend the frozen strawberries and sugar together.

Step 2: In a large pitcher, add the blended ingredients, frozen juices, add 1/2 gingerale and 1/2 7 up. Mix together and serve.

When the punch needs topping up, add the rest of the gingerale and 7 up.